Frequently Asked Questions


Carpet Cleaning


Q: Do I need to vacuum prior to my appointment?
A: No, our services include pre-vacuuming.

Q: How often do I need to get my carpets cleaned?
A: Carpets should be professionally cleaned every 6 months to extend the life and help with your homes air quality.

Q: What can I do in between cleanings to keep my carpets clean?
A: Vacuuming regularly will lift the carpet fibers up, remove dirt and debris to help the fibers to not “wear” on the sides.

Q: I don’t have wall to wall carpet, but have area rugs, what should I do to maintain them?
A: Regular vacuuming will help in between cleanings and schedule professional cleanings every 6 months. When choosing a company for area rugs, make sure that they are able to provide the proper cleaning, rug fibers are much more delicate than carpet fibers and dyes can easily run if not cleaned properly.



Q: I experienced water damage in my home, it seems to be dry now, do I need to call a professional out?
A: Yes, not all water damage is visible. Many times there is water damage behind drywall and soaked into insulation, by having a professional inspection, they will be able to check all surrounding areas to see extend of damage.

Q: My insurance company gave me the name of their “preferred” restoration company/contractor, am I required to use them?
A: No, you have the choice to pick your own company and not interfere with coverage.

Q: Who pays for my insurance deductible?
A: You are responsible for paying for the deductible so when choosing an insurance policy, ensure that the deductible is an amount that you will be able to pay should a loss occur. Many times deductibles are collected at the initial emergency call and will be required to be paid prior to any services being started.