Phoenix, AZ is full of Nature Parks and Open Spaces

Phoenix, AZ is one with Nature

Phoenix, AZ, is one of the greatest cities to go and marvel at nature. It may not be green, but the geographical formations are awe. The fantastic scenery coming from natural creations in phoenix is impressive. This opens up for nature parks and open spaces in the city. Here are some of the best nature parks and public spaces in Phoenix, AZ. Learn more here.


Piestewa Peak

This is the second-highest point in the Phoenix Mountains. It stands at 2610 feet. It is located in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. This mountain peak provides an excellent place for hiking and having an activity walk. It is a great nature site, beautiful to the eye. Hiking in the Piestewa Peak is a fun activity. Learn more about Phoenix, AZ is a Mine for Art and Museums.

Phoenix Zoo

All animal lovers should gather at the Phoenix Zoo. Phoenix, AZ, brings you one of the greatest zoos with a large variety of animals. It is a fun and lively place to go with the family to see and learn about animals. It has over 1400 animals, and it’s a place your kids will love. It also has its petting zoo where you can safely interact with the animals.