Lead Removal

Lead Removal Services

Lead is a highly toxic heavy metal that was once used widely in the manufacturing of paints before 1978. This has caused lead to be pervasive in the environment and is still a danger in and around building – residential and commercial alike – that were built before 1978.

Lead-based paint poses a serious health risk and can even lead to death. Because of these risks, the USEPA, HUD, and OSHA have enacted strict requirements that need to be properly followed in order to keep both the lead removal technicians and those will return to living in or working in the property safe once the lead has been removed.

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Most Common Sources of Lead Exposure

  • Dust from the moving parts of windows/doors that were painted with lead-based paint
  • Wood trim, cabinets, porches/decks. stairs, railings, and fire escapes that have lead-based paint
  • Soil that has been contaminated because of lead-based paints
  • Work clothes contaminated with lead

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