Significant Sites and Landmarks Around Arlington Heights

 Top Attractions in The Region

When visiting certain cities, there are specific places that you have to stop by; otherwise, your trip wouldn’t be complete. Take Los Angeles for instance; no one ever visits the city without stopping to see the Hollywood sign. Phoenix isn’t any different. There are particular sights and landmarks that you just have to stop by while in this beautiful city. Here are some of them. More can be found here.


Chase Field

If you love baseball, then you will love Chase Field. This is the home of the MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks. Being the only Major League Team in all of Arizona, the stadium is very dear to the locals. Apart from the privilege of watching a live baseball game, the stadium is also a fun place to be at. With thousands of fans creating an electric atmosphere, you are guaranteed to make memories worth a lifetime. Visit about Fun Things for Adults to Do in Ridgefield.


Heritage Square Phoenix

This is a famous tourist center that has a little bit of everything. From shops to museums and restaurants, you are guaranteed to find something that will get you excited. The Heritage Square Phoenix is also home to the only remaining group of residential structures from Phoenix’s original settlement.


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