Water Removal Phoenix AZ

When you need emergency water removal Phoenix AZ, you need a reliable company that has been in the restoration industry for more than 37 years like Arizona Construction and Restoration to give you quick response time any time of the night or day. The company understands the overwhelming amount of information and many emotions that a home disaster brings. Some homeowners have found yourself where you are now after listening to many stories as a leader in the restoration business. That is why, as a company that deals with water removal Phoenix AZ, Arizona Construction and Restoration will help you minimize the water, soot, smoke, and fire damage to your property by responding when you call them. Further facts about Phoenix, AZ can be found here.

How ACR Handles Water Removal Phoenix AZ

Arizona Construction and Restoration has the equipment and workforce to handle any size of the loss. The company has certified and trained experts that use state-of-the-art restoration technique to ensure that they return your property to its original condition. They utilize quality equipment like air scrubbers, infra-red cameras, powerful air movers, and ultrasonic machines to do the job effectively. ACR has a 6,800 square foot climate-controlled warehouse where it brings all the pack-out contents. While there, the experts will clean, sort, and palletize all items until they are ready to be returned. Information about Restoration Services Phoenix AZ can be found here.


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