What to Do if You Have Mold Damage in Phoenix

What to Do if You Have Mold Damage in Phoenix

October 20, 2021

What To Do If You Have Mold Damage in Phoenix


Regardless of your home’s size, mold damage is one of the most difficult challenges for any homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona. The issue can be problematic to the point where you become ready to abandon your property altogether. 


However, not all mold infestations mean that you have to pack up your luggage and leave your home behind. When you have proper mold remediation services in place, you can quickly get rid of the mold problem to continue living in your forever home.


Whether you are trying to manage the effects of sudden water damage or striving to control an older mold infestation, Arizona Construction and Restoration services are just a call away.


Do You Have Mold Damage in Phoenix?


The process to determine mold damage in your Phoenix property is not much different from other areas of the U.S. Since most common types of mold are present throughout the country, they can also be found in the Valley of the Sun.


Mold is often associated with different shades of green, gray, or black. But it can be a variety of colors. This includes orange, brown, and even blue mold. In all of its hues, mold remains a fungus that can naturally grow out of various causes. These include moisture, temperature, and the surrounding environment.


Some mold infestations show up once a sudden water leakage happens in your home. At the same time, other molds may grow with months or years of consistent water damage or moisture presence. This could appear in areas under your cupboards, corners of your bathroom, or other damp surfaces in your home.


Typically, mold infestations that are at their initial stage have a white-colored texture to them. But as time passes, they can darken in their appearance and become more prominent to the naked eye.


Seeing mold growth is a surefire way to determine that you have mold damage in your home or office. In such a case, you need to treat even a small space with the utmost caution so the mold doesn’t spread to other areas of your home.


That is why you need to have professionals take care of mold remediation. With extensive experience and targeted practices, such experts can also check for molds in other parts of your home and ensure that they resolve the issue altogether.


However, even when you cannot see the mold, there are various other ways to determine mold damage at your property.


These include:


  • Strong Smell. Some molds may have a musty or earthy smell. A few of them may also smell more robust than others. With that being said, the smell is not always present with all types of molds.


  • Health Effects. Some molds are allergenic in their reactions, while others have little to no symptoms. If you start harboring a general feeling of being unwell while at home, it’s time to examine for mold damage. This includes skin problems, eye problems, and breathing issues.


  • Water Leakage. Molds thrive off moisture-ridden surfaces in as little as 24-48 hours. If you have recently had a water leakage in your home through burst pipes or another issue, it is prudent to check for mold growth. 


The Dangers of Mold in Your Home


Depending upon the type of mold growing at your home, its infestation can range from being allergenic to toxic. 


For instance, many types of green or gray molds such as Cladosporium and penicillium can cause your allergies to flare up. Simultaneously, the infamous black mold or Stachybotrys chartarum can be toxic for your respiratory system. 


What makes mold infestations trickier to handle is how their spores affect different people with varying levels of intensity. For some, they might trigger issues such as a stuffy nose, sore throat, or coughing. For others, they can cause more serious problems such as breathing issues, eye irritation, or skin rash. 


While mold typically grows through moisture, it feeds off of regular debris such as dust. Its spores also travel through the air, which means that if you don’t actively control the mold infestation in your home, it is bound to grow with time rather than die down on its own.


This is why, no matter the type of mold infestation you have, it is vital to obtain mold remediation solutions. This helps you resolve the problem and make your home habitable again.


Is Mold Remediation Effective?


Mold spores are available all around us. However, they are not visible to us in the same way as an infestation in their natural levels. They also do not pose any health risks and remain completely harmless. But the problem arises when these mold spores are boosted by moisture and debris, which causes them to create an infestation around your home.


Mold remediation in Phoenix and other places reduces mold growths to their natural and non-problematic levels. This remediation process allows you to get rid of your mold problem and the health risks that it brings to the table through targeted techniques.


Once a reliable provider completes a mold remediation process, you can rest assured that your home is free of excessive irritable fungi levels. While the procedure may take intensive measures to complete, it provides long-lasting results when a reliable vendor performs.


Our Mold Removal Process

The term “mold removal” is quite contradictory in its execution. It’s because no one can fully remove mold spores from an indoor environment. Even when you cannot see them, mold spores are always available in the air around you. But as explained above, natural levels of molds pose no issue for you or your family.


The problem starts when the mold’s presence begins to grow past a certain extent. That is when you see the dangers, as mentioned earlier, of mold in your home. 


At Arizona Construction and Restoration, our mold removal or remediation process goes through targeted steps to restore your mold levels to their original conditions. This makes sure that the mold spores in your home cannot harm you or your family. As a result, the process delivers effective results upon its completion. 


The procedure typically includes the following steps.


  • Tossing moisture-ridden items. The first step of the process is to get rid of any furnishings and fixtures ridden with mold or excessive moisture. This is particularly helpful in mold infestations that arise out of water damage.


  • Drying the area using natural and special equipment. Since dryness effectively controls a mold infestation, we make sure to dry the affected space using fans, dehumidifiers, and natural ventilation. 


  • Cleaning with specialized items. Our team uses specialized as well as widely available cleaning agents to get rid of mold infestation. The process calls for intensive care, which is something that our experienced team specializes in. 


  • Scrubbing the mold clean. This particular step requires specific equipment and experience. With the help of personal protective equipment (PPE), our team can carry out this task.


  • Restoring and drying the area. Once the mold is taken away, we use restoration techniques such as caulking and painting over the previously infested surface. We then dry the area again using specialized equipment.


Contact the Mold Removal Experts in Phoenix


With over ten years of experience, targeted processes, and the latest equipment, Arizona Construction and Restoration team specializes in mold removal or remediation in Phoenix. Whether you seek to salvage your property after abrupt water damage or looking to minimize older mold infestations, our professionals are right here to help. 


To see how we can help you get rid of your home’s mold infestation, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today. We will be happy to explain the process for your specific issue and deploy our services to you right away.

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