Health Risks Associated With Fire Damage in Phoenix, AZ

Health Risks Associated With Fire Damage in Phoenix, AZ

February 15, 2022

Arizona Construction & Restoration

If your home or business premises have suffered a fire, and your financial situation is not looking so good, you should not try to restore the fire damage in Phoenix all by yourself. This is because if you are exposed to smoke and soot during the restoration process, it can cause respiratory issues such as shortness of breath, persistent Coughing, or asthma attacks. It can also result in lifelong consequences such as stroke, heart attack, or increased cancer risk. In this post, we discuss the health risks of fire damage. We also provide tips on how you can prevent these risks and keep yourself, your family, and your employees safe.

What Are the Health Risks of Fire Damage?

Several health risks can occur after a house fire. These include:

1. Breathing Problems

Fires can give off dangerous chemicals, which can linger for days after the smoke is gone. Smoke damage usually remains in porous materials such as walls, furniture, and drywall. If inhaled, smoke and soot byproducts can cause the following issues:

· Coughing;


· Asthma Attacks;

· Shortness of Breath; or

· Worsened Respiratory Illnesses.

Removing smoke and soot residue can be difficult, involving effort, time, and skill. As a result, professional fire damage restoration is often required. At Arizona Construction & Restoration (ACR), we offer commercial and residential customers restoration services. We remove debris and unsalvageable items from the home or business premise and secure the property with roof traps or by boarding up windows. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured, and our experts have years of experience cleaning soot and removing smoke odors using state-of-the-art equipment. We also provide reconstruction services to help restore a property to its pre-fire condition. Contact us today to repair fire-related damages in Phoenix, AZ.

2. Skin and Eye Irritation

When the fire breaks out, wearing clothes or sitting on furniture in the house can cause skin dryness and irritation. Rubbing your eyes with hands that have touched smoke byproducts can cause watering, irritation, inflammation, and redness.

You should hire a certified restoration crew to handle the cleanup process to avoid these adverse effects. The fire damage solutions at Arizona Construction & Restoration include smoke removal to improve air quality, ash removal from all surfaces, upholstery, fabric cleaning, water and moisture removal from firefighting efforts. Our IICRC Certified experts respond to fires round the clock and can clean, repair, and reconstruct your damaged building at an affordable cost.

3. Long-Term Health Problems

In addition to breathing problems and skin and eye issues, smoke damage can cause lifelong health issues such as:

·  Stroke;

· Cancer; and

· Heart Attack.

Hiring an IICRC Certified expert to clean up after a fire, repair a damaged building, or repair water damage after the firefighters have left is one of the best decisions you can make after a fire. When you contact Arizona Construction & Restoration, we will respond to your emergency at any point of the day or night, assess the extent of damage to your property, and kickstart our post-fire restoration efforts. We are certified experts, so you can rest easy knowing that you will receive premium services and the best customer experience you have ever had in a restoration company. Contact us today, and we will restore your property to its initial condition at a price you will love.

Measures to Take To Prevent Fire Damage in Arizona

To prevent fire damage, you should:

1. Blow out candles before you turn in for the night. Lighting candles can help save on electricity; however, it can lead to a deadly or devastating disaster if the candles are burning close to flammable items or materials.

2. If you set up a Christmas tree during the holidays, ensure that the tree is at least three feet away from heat and power sources. Also, replace all light strings that are missing bulbs or show any signs of wear and tear.

3. Do not install smoke alarms near ducts, windows, or doors because they will not work as they should in these places. You should install ceiling-mounted alarms at least five inches from the wall and install wall-mounted alarms at least twelve inches away from the ceiling.

4. Keep distractions away when cooking. Most kitchen fires are caused by distracted cooking. All it takes is a few seconds before something in the kitchen catches fire, and before you know it, the entire kitchen is burned to the ground along with your memorable photos. Even if you are only boiling noodles, never leave your cooking unattended. If you have to leave the kitchen, turn the stove off or ask another person to watch over the food until you return.

5. If you live in a fire-prone area, you should prepare yourself for fire season by planning your escape route, removing excess fuel around your property, and investing in firefighting equipment.

If you follow these practical tips, you will be able to avoid fires and the unanticipated cost of repairs that come after that. If you are suffering damage from a fire that you could not control, you need the knowledge and expertise of a restoration professional in Phoenix, AZ. The technicians at Arizona Construction & Restoration understand the devastation a fire can bring, which is why we get working to address your fire and meet your smoke restoration needs. Call or visit us for more information about our restoration service.

Contact Arizona Construction & Restoration for Fire Damage Restoration in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Construction & Restoration has served residential and commercial property owners in the Phoenix area by providing them with high-quality post-disaster restoration. Our licensed, bonded, and insured experts are here 24/7 to help you when a disaster happens. We provide immediate response to minimize fire, smoke, and water damage. We have the training, skill, and experience to handle any size of the damage and our certified crew uses state-of-the-art restoration techniques to return your property to its pre-loss condition. We use quality cleaning equipment such as powerful air movers, infrared cameras, ultrasonic machines, and air scrubbers.

For more info about our disaster restoration services, call us at 480-526-4503, email us at, or visit our location at 2423 S. 17th Street Phoenix, AZ 85034.

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