What Do You need to Know About Mold Removal and How to Deal with it?

What Do You need to Know About Mold Removal and How to Deal with it?

July 16, 2021

Can you believe that 4 million out of the 21 million asthma cases are attributed to mold-related exposures? Surprisingly, about 90% of chronic sinus ailments have been traced to mold exposures.

Well, that is how dangerous mold exposure can be. 

Now, putting the health issues aside, mold may leave your home with devastating issues that will take months to repair. This is so because the mold issue is that it can be associated with various types of damage.

It would be a great idea to know where mold comes from to appreciate why you must get a professional to get them removed. You could be the next victim of a mold invasion if: 

  • Your home has excess moisture
  • You experienced a plumbing leak
  • You fell victim to a sewage backup


Conversely, it could be time to call a professional mold remover if there are visible signs of molds in the wet areas of your house. Do not hesitate to seek a professional mold removal service provider if you’ve been experiencing health issues like:

  • Hay fever symptoms
  • Frequent asthma attacks
  • Dermatitis
  • Throat irritations
  • Sneezing and sneezing fits
  • Recurrent coughs


See, mold is an issue that can affect you in more ways than one, and it can create problems that range from these health issues to financial issues related to health damage and structural damage as well.


These are aspects that call for mold removal within your home or commercial property. It would be best to conduct mold remediation within your property in Phoenix, AZ, sooner than later to conduct mold remediation.


Do You Want to Do Mold Removal By Yourself?

Conducting mold removal by yourself is a worthwhile goal, but many professionals and homeowners would advise against it. Many would advise against going the DIY route because it is an activity that one must conduct professionally. 

See, ineffective mold removal can have a significant negative impact on your health. 

Indeed, mold remediation and damage restoration may also take longer than usual, and most people must account for mold growth and mold damage already present within the property. It may seem like a small task, but it usually requires a bit of effort, knowledge, expertise, and even the right equipment.

Therefore, mold growth and mold removal may take much longer as you seek to conduct this task in the most professional way possible. You might find yourself sourcing equipment, finding out what you must do, and ensuring that you have the right protective gear to take care of your home or business.

If you seek to conduct it by yourself, here is what you must know.


The Necessary Supplies and Gear for Remediation

Here is what you must have if you seek to remove mold by yourself in Phoenix.

  • Saw for the Drywall
  • PPE
  • N95 Mask
  • Protective Gloves
  • Protective Glasses
  • A brush
  • Vacuum
  • An Effective Knife
  • A rotating fan


Extra Materials for Restoration

Here are the extra materials needed for black mold or general mold removal in Phoenix.

  • Trash Bags
  • Tape that Painters Use
  • Sheeting (preferable plastic)
  • Bleach


You will need a few more items to combat mold growing in your area for effective restoration.

Then follow these steps.

  • Take safety precautions by wearing old clothes that you can get rid of after dealing with the mold problem.
  • Use your PPE to conduct safe restoration in Phoenix
  • Obtain a cheap box fan to ventilate the area(s) but dispose of it after due mold exposure
  • Remove the carpeting or other areas that mold is on and make sure to dispose of it safely
  • Use garden spraying equipment to moisten the area
  • Remember to quickly stop your air conditioning system and conduct other activities to halt airflow


Proceed to conduct the next steps.

  • Eliminate the current moldy carpet
  • Seal and cover the damaged area
  • Remember to cover air ducts with the necessary supplies
  • Obtain more transparency while opening moldy walls, assessing the area for mold and moisture damage
  • Delve further to ensure that you are removing all types of mold.
  • Ensure to avoid electrical wires
  • Carry out the moldy materials to take care of your mold problem in Phoenix
  • Sanitize, clean up and move to restoration
  • Intensely clean your moldy areas with the scrubber noted above
  • Ensure to seal the affected areas
  • Use proper prevention techniques and tips within the entire process in Phoenix for the best results.


But while it is easy to read about it, conducting testing, scrubbing, sealing, and conducting other activities will take a bit of effort and will cost your time and money as you purchase the necessary equipment and materials.

That is why it is not a surprise when homeowners and property owners reach out to experts like Arizona Construction & Restoration for a mold consultation. You can remember to save hours of your time and take advantage of professional services.

Why Hire a Professional Mold Remover?

We live in a period where everybody seeks to instill budgetary cuts considering the adverse effects of the pandemic and general economic conditions. However, even with the difficulties, you make sure to hire the best professionals to handle your mold problems and your mold removal work. 

The best professionals will not always be cost-effective. Remember that cheap is always expensive. You may save a little bit today only to deal with a more significant problem tomorrow if you go with lower-quality service providers.

Here are the reasons why you must get a professional to handle the mold in your home.

It is Never Easy to Eliminate Mold

Just like other people, the thought of clearing the molds yourself could have crossed your mind probably because you Googled the mold removal DIYs all over the net. But, unfortunately, while you might have the know-how, it will not be a walk in the park to eliminate mold in the way you want.

The fact that it is never easy to remove molds yourself is the key reason why you must engage a professional service provider. The professional will deal with both the grown mold and the significant concentration of spores that may form future issues. They’ll also navigate the house to clear all cracks and crevices in your walls and floors.

Remember that mold damage usually occurs because of fire damage in Phoenix or water damage in the Phoenix area. These elements will bring about moisture, health problems and will require immense inspection.

They Have the Knowledge and Expertise Needed to Complete the Job in Phoenix AZ

The greatest reason you need to hire a professional mold remover is to collect skills and expertise they will use when dealing with your home spaces. In essence, they are professionally trained to circumvent your spaces and identify the mold-infested areas. They’ll also determine the extent of the infestation and remove the molds most efficiently.

Mold Removal Experts Will Control Future Mold Threats

Mold spores are tiny substances that can spread in the air and land on surfaces waiting for the right conditions to germinate. The professional mold remover will treat the cleaning process with a lot of seriousness while considering all the potential threats. Remember that the spores will cause future challenges even if they are killed but left behind. For instance, their spread will be very rampant if they land on your HVAC system. 

Professional mold removers will clean, remove and contain the spread of the molds by eliminating the entire spore from your home spaces. 

Similarly, they will present you with their assessment reports and advise you on the necessary prevention measures and duct cleaning procedures to follow in the future.


You Will Avoid Future Challenges

You know that mold can become a recurrent problem if they are not properly controlled. However, effective control can only be achieved through the total elimination of the molds and their spores. A professional mold remover will ensure that all molds are removed while instilling proper measures to minimize the chances of encountering future reemergence.

Now, it is essential to note that mold is present in all homes to a certain extent. It is fine if it is present in a trim level, but it becomes an issue when there is a significant level.


You’ll Save Both Time and Money.

Most of the DIY mold removal processes will direct you to buy a few tools and equipment. However, a professional mold cleaner will work within a company that has already purchased the tools and equipment needed to identify and eliminate the molds and spores. Similarly, a professional will have the work completed as fast as possible without your input.

Instead of taking your time to handle the removals while remaining in doubt that the molds will reemerge, a professional remover will solve the issue in the shortest time, leaving you with results.

You can merely go on about your life and live well knowing that your mold issue is taken care of in the present.

In addition, you will also save a lot of money as the professional remover will save you the long-term burden of purchasing products to get rid of the molds that may reemerge in the future.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Mold Remover

Here are the aspects you would want to filter through as you look for a professional mold remover.

The Experience

You don’t want to waste your money on somebody who is learning the art of mold removal. You only need to remember the health risks associated with molds before committing your money to engage unprofessional service workers. It would be a great idea to hire a remover from a company that has been in the business for a long time (say 10+ years). The professional will be adequately prepared to deal with any situation and know how best the job at hand will be taken care of by effective professionals.

Ability to Handle Restoration Work

Remember, you will need to restore your home to its original state after the mold remediation process. You don’t want to engage two companies to handle the same job. Just like a general contractor, the professional mold remediation service provider should be able to restore your home. The professional should be properly equipped with knowledge about the style of your home, the construction materials used, and structural fixtures.

Ability to Clean Your HVAC Air Ducts

The person you hire to complete the mold remediation job should also clean the air ducts on your HVAC system as they are very effective in holding mold spores and specks of dust that later develop into the stubborn organisms in your wet spaces. Therefore, the mold remediation professional must have the necessary duct cleaning skills. 

Conclusively, you need a professional mold remover who will be keen to follow the remediation process if you want to achieve optimal results. In essence, an experienced mold remover will start the elimination process with a thorough inspection aimed at determining the exact location of the molds and laying an ample foundation to assess the tools and equipment that will eliminate the molds effectively.


Reach Out Arizona Construction & Restoration For Professional Cleanup

Reach out to us if you want to work with a mold removal specialist. We understand how intense the cleanup process can be and will use our knowledge, expertise, and experience to remove the wood, contain the fire damage the water damage, and conduct the proper testing in your location to mitigate the mold issues.

From water damage to other issues, our professionals will certainly arrive at your location. We will be pleased to deal with insurance companies to ensure that it is all feasible for you.

We make sure to implement a holistic solution that deals with water on your wall, your floors, and other surfaces that might have mold issues due to water or fire damage.

Our certified professionals in our team at Arizona Construction & Restoration will be standing by to work with every customer demographic. Contact us to deal with your contaminated surface areas within your home or your businesses.

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